Advanced Technologies for Better Life
Creating a healthy world
in which everyone can walk, run and exercise
ATEMs Co., Ltd. is a company developing advanced medical and bio therapies with the aim of becoming a global enterprise in conjunction with Hans Biomed Co., Ltd., under the vision of “creating a healthy world in which everyone can walk, run and exercise” by overcoming degenerative tissue defects.

The research team of ATEMs Co., Ltd. is developing tissue regeneration therapy based on various tissue engineering technologies and implantable biomaterials for medical use with outstanding therapeutic efficacies and price competitiveness. The goad is accomplished through unparalleled research competencies and translational research for commercialization and clinical application secured by more than 20 years of research experiences on cell-based tissue regeneration technologies and natural bio-materials.

In particular, we are actively cooperating with clinical research teams and specialists in regeneration medicine from big hospitals at home and abroad in order to apply our innovative regenerative therapy to patients as earliest time as possible.

We at ATEMs Co., Ltd. shall put our utmost efforts to achieve a global biotech company leading the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine market and allow our family and neighbors to enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives by overcoming the current limitations of incurable degenerative disorders.

Thank you.